Employee gets photographed laying in store’s ice cream freezer, goes viral → store’s franchise contract gets cancelled, closed for good

A 22 year old employee of Lawson, Japan’s second largest convenience store chain, became a subject of public ridicule after having his photograph posted online on 7/14. The photo in question had him laying inside an ice cream case in the store, front and back, right on top of the merchandise.


Frequenters and internet detectives soon identified the store’s location and even his name, and it wasn’t long until Lawson HQ got word of this individual’s antics.

On the very next day, Lawson HQ posted an official notice that the company has seen the photos in question, and that the unsanitary action was not acceptable. The company announced that the store in question had its franchise license revoked, and that it was closed effective immediately. The perpetrator has been fired, and all remaining staff will be retrained. They ended the message apologizing for the customers who visited the store, and that they will notify them once the store is fit to open again.

Reactions on 2ch:

Good job! This is a godly level of respect for customers

I feel sorry for the owner and the other workers

The kid was the owner’s son, I don’t feel bad for either of them

There are so many types of idiots in the world

You thought this would be funny? They try so hard to not get caught. It’s like kids who grew up with the internet are twisted in the head

Wow, that was fast

Poor ice cream, they did nothing wrong…

Good job? This is expected. I bet a ton of people won’t want to go to Lawson after seeing this, it’s a matter of the brand’s image

It’s all over thanks to the stupid son…

I think it’s supposed to be “How much is this?”

At least he was clothed, and the products were sealed, right? Here are some disgusting examples involving America’s favorite fast food restaurants. Keep in mind that these are the ones that get caught:


Rest assured that all employees pictured were fired for their behavior, but the establishments themselves are still in operation. Was Lawson too harsh, or are these fast food restaurants too lenient?

Bon appétit!


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