“How do I redeem an iTunes Gift Card?” → post photos onto Twitter → code gets used by stranger


@mao_love_black Daddy bought this for me! But I don’t know how to use it, lol


@**** @mao_love_black OMG, don’t post this online! Delete it?
@**** @mao_love_black Delete this tweet NOW!! The one with the code on it

@nana_seve @mao_love_black
Thanks stupid girl wwww
I used your code w
Just think of it as a good lesson ww
Thanks for the Magic Stones www

@mao_love_black @nana_seve Please give it back…
@mao_love_black What a jerk
@mao_love_black @nana_seve I don’t care anymore, it was my fault for being stupid, but you’re a jerk
@mao_love_black @nana_seve They call this theft, you know. I won’t forgive you if you do this to anyone else

The Magic Stones here refer to the in-app purchase items for Puzzle & Dragons.

Many point out the problem that these codes shouldn’t be shared online, but it’s also troubling that someone could lack such basic morals that they would actually use it.

After leaving the message, the account was later deleted, so their identity is unknown. If caught, they could be charged for petty theft.  However, the victim has decided not to pursue the perpetrator, noting that this is “my fault and it’s my lesson to learn.

Reaction on 2ch:

Sharing codes online? Is she insane?

She’s an idiot for posting it, but he’s an idiot too for letting her know w

Too stupid lol wwwwwwwww

How dumb can you be? (´・ω・`)

Why did he report to her that he used it? Does he want to get caught?

He could get arrested for theft and larceny if she reports this

I’ll buy you a new one young lady, so why don’t you come closer

Idiots love boasting about their crimes

This is another great example of Stupitter

She could report it to Apple to get the code deactivated, and then find the Apple ID

You learned a good lesson, now go to the police station

Everyone in this story is an idiot, but she’s cute, so I’m on her side

It’s her fault for getting it stolen, but I can’t understand the thought of a criminal who’d steal a gift from a parent

He’ll get caught in no time, it was stupid of him to use it

That perp is using an anime icon, and it’s Touhou wwwwwwwwww

The perp’s user name is Alice… Probably a creepy fat dude

Mao-chan’s cute (´・ω・`) Mao-chan, don’t give up

She got mad but she was still cute, so I forgive her mistakes

It’s so easy to look it up yourself these days, I don’t get it. I guess that’s what separates the likes of her and me

I’m starting to feel sorry for her

I want to save this dummy

It’d be funny if he actually hasn’t used it

Come on Dad, teach her how to use the gift card

Seeing that his daughter was enamored with her iPhone, he was thinking what gift would be good for his daughter. One day he was at the convenience store and saw the iTunes card. Thinking that she’ll like the gift, he excitedly went to the cashier…



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