Japanese women reveal bust-enhancing super food, and you’ve probably had it

Asian women have smaller breasts than western women, so the quest for a fuller bust line is a never-ending one. However, Japanese women seem to have found the magic ingredient that could shake up the whole country:

I’ve eaten everything that supposedly increase breast size, like soy and cabbage. I’ve always been conscious about my size, so I’ve tried many things, but I didn’t see any results…

I wanted to get in shape so I started jogging, but my breasts further decreased in size. So I started taking supplements that claimed god results, but again, no results.

Japanese women reveal bust-enhancing super food, and you've probably had it 2

Surprisingly, the most effective food I’ve found is to eat avocados every day. It’s nicknamed the butter of the forest for its nutrition-packed qualities, so I was eating half an avocado a day as an anti-aging solution. I tried many recipes so I wouldn’t get tired of it.

When I noticed, my breasts had grown two cup sizes!

Results may vary, but avocados are delicious, so what’s there to lose? Just keep up the jogging so the rest of the body doesn’t get “enhanced” as well!


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