Lawson Ice Cream Freezer Incident copycats have arrived, nothing is sacred

Following the international hoopla surrounding Lawson’s ice cream freezer incident, copycats around the world have sprung up to get a few laughs. Will this become a new trend online?

Japanese are pondering if this is accepted behavior outside of Japan, wondering if it’s only them that would go to the lengths of punishment that Lawson imposed on its ex-franchise owner. In Japan’s case, the ex-franchise owner was asked to replace the ice cream freezer, which costs roughly $7,000. Oh, and don’t forget the 150 ice cream products inside, valued at $150. The nail in the coffin is the revocation of franchise rights, of course.

There’s no information of where or who these photos originated from, but it looks to be somewhere in the United States, judging by the signage (“2 for $3”, “99¢”) and the beer selection (Dos Equis, Tecate).  Of course, maybe this isn’t even related to the Lawson incident at all, but the timing sure is impeccable.


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