Over 24% of shoplifters in Tokyo are by the elderly, overtakes minors for first time ever

Analyzing crime data for 2012, shoplifting by the elderly (over 65) surpassed that of minors (under 19) in Tokyo, Japan. Detailed recording of crime statistics began in 1989, and this is the first time shoplifting by the elderly has surpassed those of minors.

Elderly thieves have been increasing every year, and the majority of causes seem to stem from loneliness and economic hardship.

According to police headquarters, there were 336 reported cases of shoplifting by the elderly in 1999, which equated 6% of the total. In 2012, the number has risen to 3321 cases, roughly 24.5% of total shoplifters.

Reactions online:

I was going to point out that it’s because we now have more older people than ever before, but 10 times the theft in 13 years is abnormal…

This country is doomed…

Isn’t it because those who committed crime in their youth are now older?

I can understand money problems, but stealing out of loneliness is bizarre

We’re gonna be able to say “old people these days…” soon enough

They probably thing nothing can happen to them since they’re old, it’s like how minors think they can get away with stuff

Give them the death sentence, that should lower the theft

I guess social security isn’t enough

Just yesterday I saw an old lady stealing


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