Panties for smartphones protect your phone’s sensitive areas

Japan has some wacky products, but this latest item marries a great idea (?) with modern technology: panties for phones.

Every phone has sensitive areas, most important being the charging cable jack, so give it some protection! This second round of designs even include a Mount Fuji that your phone can wear on its “head.”


Now, how do you get such a great “why didn’t I think of this” item? First, you need to track down one of these Gashapon (capsule  toy) machines…

200 yen per panty capsule, random draw!
Each capsule includes a random panty and a sticker to put on your phone to mimic censored naughty bits.
And it’s on! This design is quite racey with its see-through thong.
It protects your charging jack too. This shot is so embarrassing!

Would you dress your phone with some panties if you had the chance?


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