Sexy sounds in eroge are made with raw chicken meat, and other fun facts

Eroge, short for erotic games, is a video game genre that combines interactive storytelling with sexy situations. While it had its humble beginnings in the ’80s with now-famous companies like Koei (Night Life, The Temptation of Apartment Wives), Enix (Mari’s Close Call, Lolita Syndrome), and others making risque games, it has evolved into a genre that’s more graphic than ever.

While in the past it was a few crude images depicting nudity, it’s now a full-sensory overload with high quality graphics, voice talent, and even interactivity with USB peripherals.

A little know fact is making the rounds online however, with a former eroge industry veteran spilling the beans that the “slapping” sound effects in these games are made by hitting raw chicken meat. Sexy, isn’t it?

Another fun fact is that Nintendo used to own a string of love hotels, which are short-stay hotels marketed for those seeking privacy from paper-thin apartment walls. Companies may forget, but we never will!


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