Siblings arrested for illegally copying adult DVDs in a cabin in the woods, made $3.8 million in 2 years

A mountain cabin in Kumamoto Prefecture housed a adult DVD copying workshop run by siblings in their 20s.

The siblings, an older brother (28) and sister (25) were arrested on 7/17 for illegally copying adult DVDs, with over 600 copies intended for sale. According to the police, the cabin contained 104 hard drives with 600 movies each. A relative (38) and his father (62) has also been arrested for selling the DVDs. Within two years, the cabin brought in over $3.8 million, and police are investigating for additional offenses.

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It’s great seeing siblings getting along, working on projects together!

Siblings working together to make adult DVDs in a cabin in the woods… this is some really touching stuff

104 hard drives, holy crap. $3.8 million, holy crap.

$3.8 million in 2 years?? Whooooa

I was imagining that the siblings made an adult DVD together in the woods, I was wrong

Ero is so profitable


If you can make this much, hell year get the whole family involved


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