26 year-old office worker beat up by 3 men, also gets his lunch and $5 stolen

On 6/13 around 6:50 AM in Osaka, a 26 year-old man was walking on his way to work. Suddenly he was attacked from behind by three men, getting hit with a metal rod several times. The victim’s shoulder bag was stolen, and also suffered minor injuries to his head and face. The three perpetrators fled the scene, and the Osaka Police Department launched an investigation.

According to the police, the man was walking to a parking lot located 100 meters (109 yards) from his house, when he passed three men and was suddenly attacked. The stolen shoulder bag contained his lunch and 500 yen ($5.19).

All three men were in their 20s and about 170cm (5’6″) tall. Two of them were wearing black baseball caps.

Reactions on 2channel:

Stealing one’s lunch is inhuman

Terrible… This is just terrible!

(´;ω;`) lunch made by his beloved wifey…

500 yen (`;ω;´)

I would have loved to see their stupid faces when they opened the bag

So, they each got 500 ÷ 3

Stealing 500 yen is one thing, but lunch is pure evil

Good thing he wasn’t killed over 500 yen

High schoolers have more than 500 yen. I mean, even middle schoolers…

Corporate slaves really are poor, aren’t they…

Mommy’s handmade lunch!

This is unforgivable! (´;ω;`)

“Takashi, where’s the bento box? What happened to your face…?”

It’s possible that 500 yen was taped inside the lunch box.

No salary man on his way to work carries any money, those idiots

26 and he only carries 500 yen with him… This has become a sad country

500 yen allowance is normal if you’re married

Thieves “Sweet, lunch!”


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