2ch: I pranked my friends at a haunted spot and it turned disastrous wwwwww

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1: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:47:26.08 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

College club buddies ask if I want to join them to go to a place that’s haunted

I was free, but told them I was busy

Same day, I went to the dollar store to buy a wig, and borrowed by older sister’s clothes, and she put some makeup on me

※Warning: scary stuff


I wait at the haunted place they’re going to

Nobody comes for two hours, so I get some water at the vending machine and make myself look even creepier by drenching myself with it

10 minutes later, friends finally arrive by car. Plan was to sneak up and scare them while they’re having some laughs, but… They instead found me first, and scream bloody murder

All the guys panic and leave the girl, driving away without her. Girl also runs away. I’m left alone.

Girl supposedly got back by walking in complete darkness while crying, gets pissed at the guys.

She was dating one of them, but they broke up.

I can’t say anything now wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

What should I do wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:48:17.64 ID:C3qrZatB0

Ignorance is bliss

3: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:48:52.92 ID:c7I/BaQ/0

You’re a living legend now, you did it!

6: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:50:18.20 ID:GwYRAGPi0


7: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:50:43.22 ID:j51QyAk70

I’d piss my pants too if I saw that in an abandoned building

13: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:53:51.82 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

>>7  The haunted place is known for sightings of a woman in a black sweater

But my sister didn’t have any black sweaters, and it’s way too hot right now anyway wwwwwwwwwwwwww

8: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:51:08.81 ID:/SqZ8KT4i

premeditated crime

13: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:53:51.82 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

>>8  My plan was to reveal myself after giving them a scare

The moment that they ran away and I was alone, I knew it was bad news so I tried to send them a message with my phone

But I had no signal…

14: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:54:04.35 ID:D5kQOs7Y0

take this to the grave

19: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:55:45.30 ID:kshGw9f70

Take it to the grave, seriously

One time I jokingly gifted chocolates on Valentine’s Day and they were REALLY happy, so I couldn’t say anything. Sometimes it’s better for them not to know

55: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:05:16.68 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

>>14>>19  I have this feeling like I should at least tell the leader-like guy of the group
But I guess I shouldn’t wwwww I feel so guilty wwwwwwwwwww

16: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:54:36.39 ID:ErJArzyA0

This is some scary shit

20: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:56:05.29 ID:Mo+2VsmzP

Chichibu Water Tank Incident?

55: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:05:16.68 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

>>20  Yup wwwww

23: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:56:43.06 ID:n+NApRut0

You waited for two hours? Wow

55: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:05:16.68 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

>>23  I parked my car behind the haunted place, a little hard to see
There’s a parking spot right in front of the place

So I was playing games until they parked in that spot wwww

26: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:57:18.16 ID:pTxlBU4D0

I’m confident that if I saw that at a haunted location at night, I’d faint

27: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:57:37.15 ID:SgpieTIAO

Hmm, not bad

28: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:57:37.95 ID:qjeF5RxrO

It’s like Mokocchi cosplay

35: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 20:59:44.81 ID:8lElSjha0

You were able to break up a happy couple, excellent job

37: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:00:04.34 ID:UGcKxmat0

I’m no feminist, but those guys were scum for abandoning the girl

41: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:00:28.94 ID:vELk909s0

This is just plain scary

43: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:02:20.69 ID:5MMyNOxL0

I have a good idea

46: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:02:38.71 ID:yj49VJ5b0

>>43  I reported you

49: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:03:04.59 ID:b7OXbfTh0

If you tell anyone, the truth will leak
You’d need to make a really good backup story

51: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:04:06.04 ID:JMw4vpc40

You got it? You can’t tell anyone, OK?

You promise?

58: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:06:48.79 ID:iXOr4qKW0

The moment you tell your friend the frienship will end righ there, and you’ll be “that guy” and be a loner for the rest of college

65: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:09:41.83 ID:X/4YQLGh0

Keep your mouth shutIt’s their fault for mistaking a human as a ghost
If they saw a real one, well, what can you do

80: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:13:34.25 ID:RA1B3Q0p0

>>49>>51>>58>>65  I guess I shouldn’t tell anyone then…
I feel so guilty, like I robbed them of their fun summer

53: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:04:41.51 ID:qnbBjnER0

sooooo scaaarryyyy

56: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:06:12.22 ID:PY42L73h0

Ah, I see.
So this is how haunted locations are born.

61: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:07:48.19 ID:UHmytcyE0

So it was you, come over to my house and let’s talk

70: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:11:10.75 ID:93+S9YzJ0

To be safe, keep quiet

71: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:11:35.85 ID:f4E+bemHP

This is one high-quality prank wwwww

84: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:15:32.63 ID:lkYZ5go30

They weren’t scared of >>1, but what they saw behind him

86: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:16:18.24 ID:ILRMxw/b0

Why didn’t >>1 chase after them?

88: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:17:41.82 ID:5+vhhJMK0

LOL wwww

91: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:19:01.18 ID:R6uF6aSAO

It’ll be laughs 10 years later when you’re having some drinks

93: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:20:37.54 ID:UfjlRaIj0

I find it bizarre that you could be alone there at night alone

99: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:24:57.81 ID:QG7spbJU0

LOLSuch a GJ that you were able to break them up

102: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:26:41.02 ID:kplsmwqB0

~Few days later~
Guy “I’m serious! I saw a woman wearing a black sweater!”
>>1 “Oh yeah, that was actually… www………What? Black sweater? What?”

116: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:34:49.73 ID:93ONJ2pu0

>>102  Oh god that would be so scary

111: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:31:15.33 ID:vlBjjfFf0

I bet real ghosts would love to hear this story

118: Anonymous: 2013/08/07(Wed) 21:36:47.80 ID:OZXXmr9dO

Even real ghosts were scared of >>1


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