5 confessions by otaku girls that creep a guy out

■ 1. I fantasized my boyfriend in BL situations

I love BL (boys love) manga and stories. My boyfriend knew about this before we started going out so it wasn’t a secret. But he didn’t think that I’d be fantasizing about him and his friend… One day we were chatting, and he asked “what kind of BL do you like? I won’t get weirded out or anything,” and told him. He replied, “I can’t believe you’re fantasizing about your own boyfriend, that’s so creepy.” He said he wouldn’t get weirded out…

To be fair, a man confessing to his girlfriend that he fantasized her having relations with her friend would probably get a cold stare as well.

■ 2. I like horror

My boyfriend came over and I was pretty confident about how I had tidied the place up, but… He saw the horror movies, books, and games on my shelf and said “Oh, you like scary stuff,” and let out an uneasy laugh (T_T)

Stereotypes say that men are the sturdy ones that get latched onto by the scardy cat women, but this isn’t always the case. Just like how some men can’t eat spicy food, some can’t stand being scared.

■ 3. I love mystery movies

I’ve studied security in college, and I religiously watch mystery/suspense movies.  I told my boyfriend about a movie where was a movie about a CIA agent that finally bags Osama bin Laden, and he was weirded out. I guess anyone would feel that way if the movie starts with a torture interrogation scene (T_T)

Sounds like she watched Zero Dark Thirty. Even though the film was lauded around the globe, it seems that it’s still obscure to some Japanese, especially because of their pacifist nature.

■ 4. Don’t like musicals?

I love the Prince of Tennis musicals, and I’ve been a huge fan for a decade.
We were on a date, and while walking I saw a huge poster for the musical at the train station. I couldn’t hold back, I left him and went to take pictures, he was completely weirded out. He was depressed for a while, saying how he should be priority over musicals.

We all have our obsessions, maybe he just hasn’t experienced anything yet that turns him into a Hyper Fan.

■ 5. I’m a railfan

During high school, my boyfriend and I went to a railroad museum. He had no clue since I hadn’t told him, but I was quite the railfan. The whole time I was pointing at the models saying cute stuff like “Wooow, sooo detaaaailed,” but when we got to a quiz game kiosk, I lost myself and went for the win… and got 90% right. When I noticed what I had done, I turned to see my boyfriend, his face frozen like a block of ice.

Train buffs are typically men, so perhaps he was shocked to see his girlfriend displaying such otaku-ness.


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