Do you think men look good in shorts? Women “Leg hair is manly!” “Leg hair is so gross, I hate it” What to do…

Summer’s in full swing in August, especially in the urban desert that is Tokyo. Shorts — called half pants by fashionistas — are becoming popular in Japan among men, but how are they seen by women? It seems that there’s a clear divide between love/hate camps:

■ It looks appropriate for the weather (35)
“Women are allowed to wear thin skirts and sandles in the summer, so I feel bad if men can’t show their legs. Shorts look appropriately refreshing”

■ Leg hair is cute (26)
“Some women don’t like seeing leg hair, but I’m OK! I actually think leg hair is endearing. I don’t want men to have smoother legs than me, so the hairier the better”

■ I don’t know what’s bad about it (34)
“I can’t understand women that think it’s bad. Leg hair is nice and manly”

■ It doesn’t look good on most men (30)
“It’s good to look refreshing and cooled down, but most don’t look good in shorts. Walking around at a resort is one thing, but if in the city, I want them to consider what shirt to wear to balance with the shorts, its color, pattern, etc.”

■ I don’t want to see legs (25)
“I don’t want to see men’s legs, especially leg hair. Hairless legs looks like he shaved them, and that’s creepy. I don’t like hairy either. And I don’t like how men with skinny legs looks like they could break if I kick them”

■ Reminds me of dad (26)
“My dad always wore shorts on the weekends, so I can’t shake the thought of associating shorts with my dad. I don’t like it when a guy I like wears shorts”

■ It has to be for the right occasion (33)
“It can’t be helped if it’s scorching outside, and some look decent if the design/coordination is just right, but I don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant if he’s in shorts”

As always, women are still a mystery to men. The girl who doesn’t like legs at all is in for quite a disappointment for the remainder of her life, unless she expects her significant other to always wear pants.


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