Ladies Beware: 3 or more cups of coffee a day will shrink your cup size

A Swedish university has uncovered some shocking news for aspiring glamour models, with studies showing that drinking three or more cups of coffee per day can shrink the bust line.

300 Swedish  females participated in the study, with the women drinking three cups of coffee per day suffering a 17% shrinkage compared to those who abstained from the world’s favorite legal stimulant.

Even more bad news is that over half of women who had smaller cup sizes liked to drink coffee, leading for less-endowed women to get even smaller over time.

Many like to start their day with a coffee fix, then some more during the day for a much needed boost to get through the day. It may be comforting to have such a versatile drink, but it comes with a certain risk, especially for women. While the exact science is yet to be crystal clear, it may be a good idea for women concerned with their figure to cut back on the wonder drink. If you’re ever in doubt, add some more avocado to your diet to add some curves.


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