Top 10 shows that kickstarted our anime addiction

A poll was taken in Japan asking just which anime series they watched that turned them into a faithful fan of the art medium.

Here’s the top 10 shows, determined by 389 votes. Are any of them your anime first loves?

1. Dragon Ball (48 votes)

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  • I watched it all the time as a kid. I watched it excitedly every week. (33, male)
  • I started watching the anime after my friend recommended me the manga on Shonen Jump (34, male)
  • It was simply fun to watch. I was watching a few children’s anime shows before it, but this was the one that got me addicted, and have watched many more anime since. (32, male)

2. Sailor Moon (40 votes)

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  • It all started when I got addicted to Sailor Moon as a kid. (30, female)
  • All the characters are so cute, it was fun to watch. I remember pretending to be Sailor Moon for fun all the time. (28, female)
  • I used to watch Goldfish Warning! that was right before it, but Sailor Moon was the one that got me hooked. It’s probably the anime that I got the most toys for. (32, female)

3. Doraemon (36 votes)

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  • I’ve been watching anime as long as I can remember, and I don’t know if Doraemon was what got me hooked, but it’s the first memory of anime for me. (33, male)
  • I went to see a Doraemon movie in the theaters, and after that I started watching a lot of anime. (29, female)
  • My siblings were all watching Doraemon with me, we watched it every week. After a while I started watching more and more shows. (30, female)

4. Mobile Suit Gundam series (31 votes)

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  • I watched reruns of the first series and got hooked, I’ve been a robot anime fan ever since. (34, male)

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion (20 votes)

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  • I wasn’t a huge follower of anime, but my addiction was put in high gear after watching Eva. (32, male)
  • My child liked this show so I started watching it with them, when I noticed I became a fan. (49, female)

6. Slam Dunk (18 votes)

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  • I liked the manga, so when the anime began I started to watch it. That’s when I started watching other Jump anime adaptations. (30, female)

7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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  • My friend recommended that I should watch Haruhi. It was really fun, I was hooked. (25, male)

8. Yu Yu Hakusho (14 votes)

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  • I watched this as a kid growing up, I fell in love with one of the characters. (31, female)

9. K-ON! (13 votes)

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  • I didn’t like it at first, but it was on again for reruns. I happened to watch it, and I became addicted. (40, male)

10. ONE PIECE (10 votes)

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  • I was watching it with my child, and I became anxious every week for a new episode. Since then I’ve started watching other shows. (36, male)

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  1. Some of those deserve to be on the list…. But a couple don’t…. 48 votes for first place….. that’s a pretty small and exclusive poll.


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