Top 20 things women do at the beach that are a bit much

Summer’s in full swing, and that means hitting the beach or pool! Here are a few things that Japanese citizens have observed about women at the beach do that seem a bit silly or unattractive:

  1. Sexy swimsuit on an unsexy body
  2. Didn’t shave very well
  3. Obviously anxious for men to approach her
  4. Breast padding protruding from her bikini top
  5. Surface area of the bikini is tiny
  6. Looking around restlessly for good looking men
  7. Even though she’s not fat at all, she says “Noo, I gained weight, I’m too shy!” and refuses to show any skin
  8. Wears a bikini and heels to the beach
  9. Can’t help but take photos of themselves in their swimsuits
  10. Makes it obvious that she can’t swim and latches onto men
  11. When buying something at the beach, she sweetly says, “can I get a discount pleeeeaaase?”
  12. Walks around the beach with a parasol
  13. Squeezes arms together to maximize cleavage
  14. Wears sunglasses the whole time
  15. Makeup and hair destroyed by the water
  16. Rolls over and says to a man, “Heeey, can you put some lotion on meee?”
  17. Points out her tan to men and says “I taaanned”
  18. Lays down to get a tan and enters her own little world
  19. Flexes stomach at all times to not draw attention to the belly fat
  20. Stays under the parasol the entire time to avoid getting a tan
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