Unforgettable Mario moments: “Run into the first Goomba” “Can’t catch up to the 1-Up mushroom” etc.

Released in 1985 on the Nintendo Famicom, it was the best selling game in the world with over 40 million units sold, until 2006 when Wii Sports sold more than 81 million copies. Loved by both young and old gamers, Super Mario Bros. defined side scrolling action games with it simple yet addictive gameplay.

Here are a few common memories that many Japanese fans share:

  • Hold the dash button for the entire first stage, this is the basics. (34/male)
  • Run into the first Goomba. (36/male)
  • Kick a Koopa Troopa shell and it goes off screen, hits a pipe and comes back to hit you.
  • Get a star, become invincible, and immediately fall into a pit. (29/male)
  • Wandering around the stage looking for hidden blocks. (37/male)
  • Can’t catch up to the 1-Up mushroom. (30/female)
  • The somewhat difficult Infinite Lives trick. (35/male)
  • Thinking about jumping just a little higher to go over the pole. (32/male)
  • During the water stage, I thought “wow, Mario sure can hold his breath…” (34/female)
  • Being surprised by how fast the Goombas are the second round. (39/male)
  • Before I knew which pipes actually went somewhere, I would test each and every one with the down button. (38/male)

Going above the stage on 1-2 to get to the Warp Zone, chasing a Super Mushroom only to fall into a pit, panicking and making more mistakes when the music speeds up… What are your favorite Mario memories?


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