20 things you must never say to a woman

Men are known to say some stupid things without meaning it. Maybe it was said in jest, or what he said wasn’t what he meant, but the damage has been done — you’re now on the blacklist. To prevent any future heartbreak, here are the top 20 things you should never say to your lady friend, according to Japanese women:

  1. But you’re a woman!
  2. You look older
  3. You’re hairy
  4. When are you getting married?
  5. You have thick legs!
  6. So, what are you trying to say exactly?
  7. You can’t even do this?
  8. Your face is pretty big, huh?
  9. Your chest is pretty small
  10. You’d be cute if you lost some weight
  11. You’re not too feminine
  12. You’re like a mom
  13. You have a plump figure, huh?
  14. I bet you don’t cook at home
  15. Why don’t you put more effort into makeup?
  16. That’s a double chin
  17. Isn’t this erotic?
  18. Your chest is pretty big
  19. Your hair’s pretty rustled up
  20. You have a masculine personality

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I’m not that surprised, I’m more curious to know what men find offensive. Probably something about their salary…


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