1: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:39:33.87 ID:MQUHjHmn0

Female A “Oh my gaaawwwd! Taku-kun, you’re so super cool~w”

Male “Well, I get that a lot w”

Female B “Ahaha…”

Female A “It’s like, we have no choice but to go out with each other w”

Male “Whaaat, no way no way, I refuse w”

Female A “What!? Why!?”

Male “Your nose… I can’t stand it wwww You have to be at least as cute as Saya-chan w”

Female B “Huh…?”

Female A “Why!? She’s the ugly one! She’s slow and indecisive too www”

Female B “Oh, I mean… I’m…”

Male “I’m kidding, just joking! w But not really w Well, think about it”

—- Male Leaves Train—–

Female A “…”

Female B “…”

Female A “Your breath stinks, so get off at the next stop.”

Female B “!?”

5: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:40:29.87 ID:1G/l4Jiw0


I feel sorry for them both

6: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:40:35.99 ID:LSz5jYt30

You’ve got to be making this up

17: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:42:24.18 ID:MQUHjHmn0


I simplified it a little bit, but I felt sorry for A as I watched them

7: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:40:43.94 ID:pcvGapMD0

This is awful even if it’s made up

8: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:40:49.14 ID:oSt9RxH/0

Because >>1’s breath stinks

17: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:42:24.18 ID:MQUHjHmn0



9: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:41:14.05 ID:br4ya4Uu0

Me “Sorry… I ran out of toothpaste…”

11: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:41:49.09 ID:cMjqDL+tO

You should have butted into their conversation

14: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:42:02.25 ID:6yUMAQR70

So Saya-chan = Female B?

21: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:43:25.89 ID:MQUHjHmn0


Most likely.

18: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:42:35.06 ID:VH94F7WQ0

Female A “Oh my gaaawwwd! Taku-kun, you’re so super cool~w”

Male “Well, I get that a lot w”

Female B “Ahaha…”

Female A “It’s like, we have no choice but to go out with each other w”

↑ How in the hell does this happen?

22: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:43:33.16 ID:BhkhbclP0

So B is Saya-chan

And the guy saying “think about it” is basically asking her out, right?

23: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:43:55.38 ID:isOAP8IN0

Ride the train at the same time tomorrow and take a pic of Saya-chan for us

25: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:44:12.00 ID:Upqq1Adv0


26: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:44:22.46 ID:saz0Hijb0

Saya-chan sounds like the kind of girl you guys would like

27: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:44:45.13 ID:T5Z916f80

Saya-chan sounds like the type to get picked on at school

28: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:45:18.18 ID:o7EnBweo0

I remembered this copypasta

Conversation between two high school girls

A “Did you hear? Matsuyama asked Takako out, she said OK”

B “Seriously? But I kinda get it, they’re perfect for each other”

A “Whaaat, you really think so?”

B “Yeah, since Takako said that if she was to go out with a guy, he’d have to be like Golgo 13 or Raoh, at least like Black Jack”

What kinda guy is he, that Matsuyama.

29:Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:45:24.03 ID:TT5D5XoI0

Saya-chan’s got bad breath, huh?

That’s hot

32: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:46:04.95 ID:QtWENO0N0

Saya-chan’s the type to get maliciously picked on from tomorrow, hope she doesn’t think about suicide

33: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:46:26.59 ID:9TUtq2qk0

Saya-chan saya saya

34: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:47:02.82 ID:wxxpM2D9i

So to put it simply, jealous women are scary

35: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:48:13.70 ID:MQUHjHmn0

By the way, Saya-chan didn’t get off at the next stop. It was actually Female A that went to another train car.

The moment after she said “your breath stinks, so get off at the next stop,” she started to have a coughing fit.

An older couple and a middle schooler sitting near them were about to burst laughing.

36: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:48:53.35 ID:kg/b/6jX0

Girls are terrifying

37: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:48:59.61 ID:sD2bs+Jz0

During middle school, I remember a super ugly wannabe girl

constantly bitching at the quiet, reserved girl going out with the handsome guy.

It really made me sick.

42: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:51:37.53 ID:RGK6IXP70

In a full train, I was standing in front of a school girl using her phone, and I saw what it said.

She was tweeting something like, “isn’t
○○ really annoying lately? What do you think about getting everyone together and ignoring her?”

It creeped me out.

43: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:52:32.65 ID:GE/Uxi/xP

What a cute exchange of words

48: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:57:52.05 ID:AIKBDSG00

What did they look like?

61: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 02:13:49.09 ID:MQUHjHmn0


A looked like a chimpanzee, and B looked cute for the second I saw her. Didn’t get a good look.

Male looked pretty handsome.

63: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 02:17:01.29 ID:2O1OkK090


Oh man…

I’d be traumatized if chimpanzee girl asked me “we have to go out together.”

64: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 02:18:26.93 ID:KR9rptW30


Chimp wwwwwwwwww

So ugly wwwwwwwwww

51: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:59:21.57 ID:Lwv/esco0

The Male is pretty awful, too

46: Anonymous: 2013/09/03(火) 01:54:01.00 ID:OYZ2hBfk0

I’ll take Saya-chan