Cat Island exists: “so this is heaven!”

“Cat Island was so fun!”

“They stole a whole loaf of bread from me, but this was a great location”

“Apparently, the place is called Aoshima”

Reactions On 2channel:

I want to rub them!

Totally going on my next vacation

I wanna goooooooooooooo

Heaven (*´Д`)pant pant

Omg cats so cuuuuuuuute! 
But I’d die from allergies if I went (´・ω・`) 

They’re not afraid of humans?

I’m scared I’d step on them

Yeah it’s cute, but I bet it stinks

I bet it smells like cat piss everywhere

What the hell (´・ω・`) I want to go

From dusk till dawn I’d be surrounded by cats… it must be heaven!

It’s cute
But too many, and it’s kinda creepy

C, can’t get enough (*´ω`*)

I could probably take one home if there are this many

What would happen if i covered myself in catnip and went on the island?

There are so many…
I’m starting to see them as wild animals

I’ll be greedy and say that I wish there was more variety in the fur colors

It’s bizarre seeing all of them like that,
but they’re so cute if you look one by one

Ahhhhhhh I want to move there and become their servant

Too many, creepy
It’s not like I don’t like cats, but it scares me to think that there might be a ton of fleas
Is this still considered heaven for crazy cat lovers?

Tabbies everywhere

I wonder if they still have territorial instincts

Is this where all stray cats get dumped?

I don’t think you could fight back if they all came at you at once

My gosh, it’s heaven

Whooa…. I want to go….

I love cats
But more isn’t always better…

Incredible… They’re like little jaguars!


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