Why highly specced, educated elites can’t get girlfriends: “Pretends to not care about fashion”, “gets infatuated with women”, etc.

It seems strange that some men, who have impressive educational backgrounds, are in perpetual singledom. Though unbeatable on the surface, there are some issues deep beneath that seem to work as repellent to women. Here are some examples of what not to do:

  • Inserts his own commentary while watching a movie together
  • Often says things like “let me just say” or “in a good way”
  • Pretends to not care about fashion
  • Speaks in riddles on Twitter
  • Adds “lol” at the end of sentences in attempt to hide his embarrassment
  • Get infatuated with certain women and idolizes her as a goddess
  • Wants to befriend bad boys

If you’re not as good looking as Brad Pitt, throw your pride away.



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