Life-size Doraemon plush has arrived from the future! Prepare to give him $2,000 and his own room

Bandai will start taking pre-orders for a super-sized Doraemon plush to commemorate his birthday on 9/3. Aptly named Very Big Doraemon Plush, orders will be taken at their official online store Premium Bandai, and will cost 194,250 yen (includes tax; $1,949.68).

Very Big Doraemon Plush took into account Doraemon’s official height of 129.3 cm (4’2″). While he sits at 110 cm (3’6″), he’s roughly 129.3 cm tall if he stood up.

The plush is sewn and stuffed by hand in Japan, each plush getting much attention to detail. The one-of-a-kind Doraemon plush, if placed in your room, will surely create an atmosphere that Doraemon is really living with you.

2013 is the 80th anniversary of Fujio F. Fujiko, the creator of Doraemon, Perman, Kiteretsu Encyclopedia, Esper Mami and more. With his works loved by world over, numerous events and anniversary merchandise will commemorate his anniversary in the coming year.


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He’s this big?

He’s huge! It’d creep me out if I owned this

I want it, but I have no space or money for it…

Huge! Kinda scary when it’s this big

Maybe Nobita was huge

Too big. Don’t people in the manga think it’s weird that this thing is walking around?

$1,900? Must be a typo for $190

I’ll pay more, so please make it better quality!

How do you wash this thing?

The head is HUGE. At least make it to scale to humans

He’s not supposed to be that big, look at his feet!

>> They have to be that big, or he’ll fall on his face

This isn’t the Doraemon I know

It’s big. I’d be so scared if I saw it walking around

I’m just imagining finding this at the garbage dump

This monster came out of a desk drawer?

Doraemon is 95 cm (3’1″) wide? He’d have trouble fitting through doorways

Could I buy an Orient Industry love doll for $2,000?

Awful quality, rip off for $2,000

You have to make these limited editions if you want to sell them, $2,000 is a rip for a plush

Sorry, but my wallet isn’t in the fourth dimension

At this price I’d want a Fourth Dimension Pocket or a Small Light included

I’d consider it if it was made of metal and it could walk, but this…

This thing’s too huge! It can’t sleep in the closet!

I’m a 32 year-old single male, but I want this. I want to sleep with it. But I think I’d get frowned upon more for getting caught with this than a love doll

It’s way bigger than the manga

I want his pocket, I don’t need him

I’d run to it and cry Doraemo~n if I had a bad day

It’s not too long until we see a life-size Shizuka-chan

At this size, you wouldn’t be able to tell if there was some guy in there

Is anything accurate about this except its height?

I’d pee my pants if I saw this running at me

It’s like they just took an arcade prize plush and made it bigger, what a rip off

It looks like the collar is choking him w

Too big. If I was Nobita’s dad, I’d take it to the pawn shop while it was asleep

I was thinking, who the hell would buy this… But I kinda want it w

So this is how big it is when you follow the specs. His eye is as big as her head…

We could fit the voice actress Nobuyo Oyama in there

Oh man, I love Doraemon! $2,000 is a lot, so this thing must be awesome!



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