Man arrested for putting “50% Off” stickers onto grocery store beef

Mr. Ishida was apprehended on 9/1 around 10:35 AM at a grocery store in Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture. He was caught placing stickers saying “50% Off” on four packs of beef valued at 3470 yen ($35.2), and handed it to a cashier (61, female) and attempted to purchase it at a discounted price. A male worker at the store witnessed Mr. Ishida placing the questionable stickers, stopped him outside of the store, and called 110 (equivalent to 911 in Japan).


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Ah, didn’t think of this!

I’ve thought about placing a discounted sticker on stuff before, but I didn’t think someone would actually do it…

Beef is expensive, you know… J( ‘ー`)し

At my market, when the time comes some ladies go over to the pre-made dishes/seafood/meats corner to slap on the discount stickers. I wait for them… It’s hard to get close while they’re doing that

Maybe he wanted to become the God of Discounts

I think everyone comes up with this scheme at one point of their lives, but it’s another to actually go through with it…


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