Top 10 female Ghibli characters according to lesbian Japanese women

1. The girl that accepts the pie delivery – Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • I want her to tell me that she doesn’t like my physique (*´ω`*)
  • She seems selfish and uncooperative, so I like the challenge in overcoming that w
  • I want to surprise that brat and shut her up with my technique!
  • Her personality might be bad, but she’s my type!
  • She seems strong-willed and isn’t flirty, that’s attractive
  • I wonder what pie she wanted instead? I want to make it for her!!
  • She knows what her likes and dislikes are, that’s cool!!

2. Sheeta – Castle in the Sky: Laputa

  • Sheeta, me, and Muska… (*ノェノ)
  • I want her to put the volucite crystal in me
  • I want to say Valuse together when I come www

3. Osono – Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • I want her to treat me like a baby with the pacifier that the customer forgot (*´Д`)
  • She was nice enough to take in a girl she doesn’t know, so I think she’d be open to all kinds of things!!
  • She seems naive without much experience

4. Experienced Witch – Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • I want to turn the radio on purpose when we’re getting it on so she scolds me (*ノェノ)
  • She reminds me of Amuro from the early days
  • I could die if she could wrap me with her kindness (*´ω`*)
  • I want her to 〇〇〇 my 〇〇〇 with her broom w

5. Nausicaä – Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

  • She’s kind and can act out her thoughts, she’s a very strong person
  • Everyone respects her, she has great leadership, and is really beautiful
  • She doesn’t fret when it comes to self-sacrifice, she’s so cool
  • She’s so brave and cool, a wonderful woman
  • Come on Mr. Miyazaki, seriously no sequel?

6. San – Princess Mononoke

  • I think she’d be wild in bed w
  • A part of her believes that she’s a wolf, so I want to put a collar and leash on her (*´Д`)

7. Shizuku Tsukishima – Whisper of the Heart

  • She’s so timid and quiet, but I fell in love when she sang so gleefully
  • She visited a boy’s room… There’s something about her that’s not so innocent

8. Fio Piccolo – Porco Rosso

  • I want her to make blueprints of our love www
  • She spent one night and kissed a pig! She’s a genius when it comes to weird fetishes

9. Chihiro Ogino – Spirited Away

  • I want to spirit her undies away, watch her get frustrated and worried, and then give a kiss to quiet her down

10. Young Captain Dola – Castle in the Sky: Laputa

  • I want to verify that she did look like Sheeta when younger
  • I could finish in 40 seconds if I was with young Dola!

Nausicaä was the only normal one…


Where’s Kushana?!


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