Top 10 male Ghibli characters according to gay Japanese men

1. Kazushige – Ponyo

  • He’s the captain of a freighter boat. Isn’t that wonderful?
  • He was only in the movie for a few seconds, but I didn’t miss a moment!!
  • 180cm tall, 78kg, age 32, former swimming team member… I made up details myself, he’s my virtual boyfriend!
  • There are only men at the ocean… That means… (;´Д`)pant pant

2. Dad – Spirited Away

  • I love macho! (*>艸<)
  • His driving, how he eats, he’s just so wild! I bet he’s wild in other situations, if you know what I mean w
  • Still dreamy even when he became a pig!

3. Seita – Grave of the Fireflies

  • I wish I could have taken care of his needs…
  • He must have died a virgin… ・゚・(つД`)・゚・

4. Totoro – My Neighbor Totoro

  • All those who love furries can’t get enough!
  • Is it a male? Female? w
  • I want to mofu mofu on his tummy (*´Д`*)

5. The Baker – Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • He’s quiet and doesn’t stand out much, but he’s macho and looks delicious!
  • I want to bear his child too!

6. Sugimura – Whisper of the Heart

  • He was in the baseball team, that alone is enough for me!
  • He seems so horny, I bet he plays with himself all the time like a crazy monkey w

7. Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

  • Wild child is supreme!
  • I want to take his first…

8. Pazu – Castle in the Sky: Laputa

  • 13 years-old… (*´Д`)pant pant
  • He’s the reason why I became interested in shota ♪
  • I want to do it in the sky w

9. Shun Kazuma – From Up on Poppy Hill

  • He looks like he’s enjoying his youth, that’s (・∀・)great!
  • He’s still a virgin right?
  • He’s just like Sugimura from Whisper of the Heart w

10. Hayao Miyazaki (72)

  • I’m in it for the inheritance w
  • I want to rehabilitate him from his obsession  with young girls!
  • I won’t let him retire from his sex life!

I love how the minor macho guys got all the love!
Totoro’s pretty high on the list too!


But wait… Miyazaki-san isn’t a character…


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