Ultraman recognized by Guinness World Records as TV series with most sequels

On 9/12, Tsuburaya Productions’ tokusatsu series Ultraman celebrated its inclusion into the Guinness World Records as the TV series with most derivative worksUltraman, with its first series premiering in 1966, became the template for 27 series, with the latest being Ultraman Ginga (literally, Ultraman Galaxy), which started this year in July.

The record was authorized by Guinness World Records official Carlos Martinez on 7/20, and will be included in the latest Guinness Book of World Records 2014, which goes on sale on 9/12.


It feels like Sentai/Power Rangers is everywhere since they have their annual movies, but Ultraman came out about 10 years before Sentai, and Kamen Rider had a decade of no shows in the ’90s


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