“I’m a 23 year-old female office worker. I’m looking for a man making at least $80k, and a 30 year-old is getting married to a man making $100k and my body is shaking from anger.”

I’m a 23 year-old female office worker.

After graduating from college, I’ve started my career in a well-known company.

I want to get married by 25, so I registered with the marriage consultation agency.
My requirements are that he make at least $80,000 a year, is 25-30 years old, willing to compromise up to 34, at least 175cm tall, above-average looks…
It may sound demanding, but I’m still young, and I may be a little on chubby side, but I am above-average in how I look, so I think it’s fair.

I met a 30 year-old woman at a gathering for women with similar interests.
I don’t like to admit it, but she was good looking and was in good shape.
However, she didn’t exactly look young either (looks like Izumi Inamori). Said in a positive light, she’s a calm.
Said in a bad way, she doesn’t keep up with the excitement of the moment with other people.

I asked her why she hasn’t married, how much she expects a suitor to make.
She said, “I like the freedom of being single, so I never thought about wanting to get married when I was younger. But I like children, so I want to have a chance of having my own while I can. I don’t really care too much about a man’s salary. As long as we get along and he’s nice to me and everyone else, I’d be happy.”

However, there’s no way a woman doesn’t care about a man’s salary, and she’s 30 years-old, it’s time to admit such basic things… I sort of felt pity for her.

The other day, I heard from her for the first time in six months that she was getting married.
Well, she is good looking, so I knew she’d eventually get married if she wasn’t picky about it.
But I found about that he was 29 years old, was over 180cm tall, and worked for a overseas pharmaceutical company and made over $100,000 a year and my body was shaking from anger.

She said she didn’t care about money, and her fiancee makes over $100,000. I can’t accept this.
If she really didn’t care, and believed that personality was all that mattered, she should have introduced this man to me.

Back to me, at marriage consultation office said “we think your requirements are a bit too strict…” and they won’t even introduce people to me… (cry)

So, is it true that devious, lying but good looking women are better off?
I’m angry and sad, I feel miserable.



There’s no makeup for inner beauty.


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