Japanese man misunderstands “thank you” honk, breaks victim’s windshield and punches cop

Chiba prefecture police department announced that on 10/16, a 25 year-old unemployed man was arrested for property damage and obstruction of justice.

According to the statement, on 6:50 PM on the same same day, the suspect broke the windshield of the victim’s car with his bare fist. By coincidence a police sergeant (31) was on patrol; when the officer showed credentials and attempted arrest, the suspect ripped the credentials and punched the officer in the face.

The suspect was riding his motorized scooter, and the victim honked his car horn in appreciation when the scooter changed lanes for him. This however was mistaken as an act of aggression. The suspect was promptly arrested by the officer.

Reactions online:

You shouldn’t honk your horn to say thanks, don’t use hazard lights either

* Depends on how you honk.

Even if you misunderstand it, normal people just get upset. Going crazy and breaking glass, punching people.. He’s totally nuts

Driver “(Thanks) BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!”

He probably wanted to go “beep” but went “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” instead w

Broke the windshield with his hands? Damn

The world is such a hassle these days

Breaking stuff, punching… He must have previous records

If there was a need for it, we’d have a “thank you beep” function already. Since we don’t it means we shouldn’t do it

Aren’t “thank you” honks illegal anyway?

Maybe it was a “you welcome” punch

I want a 50% volume beep…

I would do a wheelie to thank people

Thanking people by honking? I think people that do that are crazy

Didn’t he learn that you shouldn’t honk if it isn’t an emergency? It’s illegal

We need a “thank you” button

I guess I’ll stick to waving…


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  1. I totally just read that as “Japanese man masturbates, honks, and breaks victims windshield” when I was scrolling past.


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