Japanese men “what if I’m accused of groping?” → Lawyers “run away as fast as you can”

False charges for groping can be a dead end for salarymen. However, what should you do if someone claims that you’re a groper while riding the train?

Several lawyers came up with the same answer as their first choice — “run away.”

“If they grab your hand, shake them off if you have to and run. It’s very difficult to win a case pleading not guilty. Even if you win the case, you will lose the trust and confidence of those around you, and your career will become rocky. If you want to avoid this, it’s better to run.”

An attorney’s manual states that it’s recommended to leave a business card and then leave the scene, but lawyers instead recommend victims to “flee the scene as fast as they can.” If you’re surrounded and you can’t run, you must stand up for yourself by fighting for your innocence. You must show plenty of emotion, especially anger.

“What are you saying?! I didn’t do it!”

You must give her the impression that getting involved with you would be a hassle. If the woman’s objective in calling the victim a groper is for monetary gain, most women will draw back here.

If the woman still doesn’t back down, it must be proven at court. However, if you’re arrested for groping and you deny the charges, you will be placed behind bars for up to 23 days. Even if you win the case in court, the damage done is too great.

I don’t know if the women-only trains are protecting women from men, or men from women…

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