Nose Yakiniku Kit emits barbecue beef smells from your phone

Chaku Perf Co. and Kayac Co. is releasing “Nose Yakiniku Kit” along with iOS app “Nose Yakiniku” simultaneously on 11/15.

“Nose Yakiniku Kit” will cost 3,480 yen ($35.60). Attached to a smartphone, tablet or PC, it can emit smells via the Scentee unit, which includes beef ribs, beef tongue, and buttered potato scents. Replacement cartridges will cost 1,000 yen ($10.25) for the set of three scents. Orders will be taken via Amazon or Scentee web sites. The iOS app “Nose Yakiniku” will be launched for free, and will be supported by iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 2, 3, and mini (iOS 6.1.4 and up).

Here’s the trailer, and it’s in English!

Reactions on 2channel:

You can  get in the yakiniku mood anywhere!

This will just make me sad (´・ω・`)

You could screw with people at school/work and make them go crazy!

I’d buy it if it smelled like curry

This would be awful if it turned on while you sleep

I could go to yakiniku for that money

I’m so hungry that this is sounding like a good idea, but I use Android…


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