Play Super Mario Bros. in your Bowser browser right now

The world-famous Super Mario Bros., originally released for the FC/NES, is now playable in a web browser.

Made entirely with HTML5, allows for a much more expansive experience compared to the FC/NES original, as its width is determined by your screen size. There’s even a “Level Editor” function that allows users to make their own maps, which is shareable via conversion to text data. A radomizer is available, too.

Play it now while you can, Nintendo’s not going to let this slide for long!!


3 thoughts on “Play Super Mario Bros. in your <strike>Bowser</strike> browser right now”

  1. I always got frustrated and never beat the game (´・ω・`) On this version, I got to the Warp Zone on 1-2, got to World 4 and stopped! Someday, someday…
    How about you?


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