22 year-old woman “He bought me an engagement ring but the diamond is so small, I cried so much that I had breathing issues”

I’m 22 years old. My boyfriend is 25. He’s into his second year as an office worker.

He gave me an engagement ring. TIFFANY ring with 0.24 carets.

I was shocked at how small the diamond was and cried.

I’m not picky about the wedding, we talked about how it’d be nice to have a simple ceremony at a tea house or cafe, and I don’t really have any particular requests for the honeymoon, the only thing I cared about was the ring.

Also, we both don’t like children, so I don’t have plans of having a child.

Even with all this, the diamond was so small, and I was in so much shock that I cried and had problems breathing.

My mother and grandmother are the type to point out the small size of a diamond, so thinking about them saying that is stressful enough.

I’m also a cutie-type of girl (I don’t think so, but people say this about me), so I’ve been picked on before.

For instance, I didn’t talk about my boyfriend in a while, so they’d ask “you haven’t talked about him lately, did you break up?” and tease me.

Or he bought me a GUCCI watch at Don Quijote (muripo note: a discount store), and the girls would say “that’s a cute watch” and say nice things, and then add “but it’s probably from DonQui, huh?” and make fun of it.

So I don’t have confidence in myself, and even if I have a ring my mom, grandma or friends will say that “the diamond is small.”

Just thinking about it made me cry in shock.

I don’t like that it’s a small diamond, but I also don’t like that I’m so shallow to cry about it.

I feel that since I’m so insecure about myself, a small diamond will just make things worse.

Also, he said his budget was $3,500, but it looks like the ring cost about $3,000 altogether, too.

An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime item, and I don’t like thinking about how he skimped on the purchase, and that makes me feel bad, too.

I just don’t know what to do.

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Hmm. Then break up, ugly

You should die

I will allow you to die

Crazy wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Cutie-type w

The rock doesn’t have much value really, don’t think about it so much.
Just be happy that he decided to marry you

Is she the type to measure things in carets? I bet she’d complain about clarity even if it was big

What is this, stealth marketing by jewelers?

Seriously, this is how women are

Maybe this was normal during the economic bubble, but $1,500~2,500 is the norm now

She probably said she wanted TIFFANY, any other brand the rock would have been one rank better

How do you have to raise your kid to turn out like this idiot?

Wow, a 22 year-old wrote this? Hubby is going to have to suffer for a long time

Difficulties breathing? That made me laugh

This has got to be made up

Women are vicious about rings, it determines the hierarchy within women. So dumb

She won’t know the difference, should have used a glass rock

I think 0.24 carets is too small, too…
It’s probably has really nice color and a quality cut at $3k, but looks are also important


Prices are just made up anyway

$3k diamond ring at TIFFANY is like, a little on the lower end of the average ring

Reading her post pissed me off

> I feel that since I’m so insecure about myself, a small diamond will just make things worse.
So she’s the root of the problem, then

Why doesn’t she just say it’s small?

Size doesn’t matter, it’s about how hard it is

You make a 25 year-old spend $3k and it’s still not enough? Marriage is scary

I wonder what’s fun about dating this girl

I’m married and I don’t have either engagement or wedding ring

I bet married life with her would be a lifetime of petty complaints…

She probably wouldn’t know if she was given a cubic zirconia ring

She seems pretty dim, it would have been safer to go for lower quality diamonds that are bigger

My wife didn’t want a ring. She said that she didn’t feel any attraction to glitzy jewelry. I bought her a $20 ring years ago as a present, and she really takes care of it. I’m so glad I found my wife

They’ll just get divorced anyway, waste of time w

I guess the dream is 1 caret and up

Should have bought the ring at DonQui, would have been bigger

Don’t like it? Don’t get married

What’s small is not the diamond, but her humanity.
I think that the boyfriend bought a ring that suits her personality, he sounds like a great guy


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  1. wtf, she clearly stated her boyfriend was into his second year working and she expected more than what the boyfriend could afford?

    I bet the boyfriend save up all his monthly for the two-years to get her housing, marriage dinner, payment etc. Ungrateful Bitch


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