1: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:37:07.02 ID:Gh7HlOj80

I haven’t seen little sister since it got cold wwwwwwwwww

2: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:37:37.18 ID:bS5a2K0b0

Lil’ Sis Trap

3: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:37:49.46 ID:KiyC1vCM0

Little sisters scuttle about, it’s creepy

4: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:37:51.74 ID:mmw9xYSH0

Little sister invaded my bed

6: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:38:22.38 ID:DopX+1/K0

Lil’ sis is hanging from the ceiling

9: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:38:58.69 ID:Re7VwOvaO

There are no little sisters in Hokkaido

28: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:40:59.97 ID:w0mGG4cu0

>>9Pure despair

16: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:39:23.23 ID:egKPijQj0

OMG, little sister came into my room while sleeping to drink my saliva wwwwww

17: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:39:38.74 ID:xC3aWI8Y0

I hear that little sisters lick tooth brushes to drink water…

22: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:40:06.34 ID:92hsacDW0

Little Sister Motel

24: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:40:25.73 ID:x1h6CIFr0

I hear humans on average eat three little sisters during their lifetime!!

31: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:41:09.38 ID:yFp9UX/P0

I’ve crushed lil’ sis with my back twice, ever since I have trouble getting to sleep

40: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:42:57.70 ID:5iYy4sXc0

I’ve hit lil’ sis with a slipper at least three times

44: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:44:25.66 ID:9AsN/KAJ0

Lil’ sis was having sex in the kitchen…

45: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:44:28.28 ID:z+tWZUvZi

I hear that there are edible little sisters in this world

53: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:46:48.90 ID:kmqyxSDs0

There’s ramen has a little sister in it!!

Bring the manager!!

54: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:46:57.06 ID:AE7B6Ke70

I got into college and on the first year I cooked for myself, but the next two years I would only eat out or get food to go.

In my last year, I started to cook again, and started using the canned vegetable oil again that I used as a freshman. I would pour a little oil on the pan, and it was a little brown. I thought, “it’s been four years, I guess even oil gets old. But I’m heating it up, it’ll be fine” and kept using it.

It was nearing graduation, and I was running out of oil. I would have to tilt the can to get any oil out. One day, about 2~3 grains of something came out. “I guess some food fell inside,” I lightly thought, but every time I used oil more and more came out.

I was curious, so I took a can opener and opened the container.

That moment, what I saw was a nightmare: about 100 big and small cockroaches. About half of them seemed alive, and were slowly moving.

That’s right: the can of vegetable oil that I’ve been using for four years had become a nest for cockroaches. The little “grains of something” turned out to be feathers that had fallen from their corpses.

When this dawned on me, I felt my face go pale. The moment that I realized that I had been consuming vegetable oil consumed with cockroach extract.. I thought I was going to die.

59: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:49:01.14 ID:/J09W+a60

>>54Vegetable oil with little sister extract, huh…

Probably worth about $100 online?

57: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:47:34.74 ID:6WhRLD+50

Little sister laying eggs

62: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:50:18.64 ID:vRau2iYF0

Supposedly lil’ sis is drinking my saliva while I sleep

70: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:52:24.85 ID:1L61vDOq0

Okinawa has huge little sisters

78: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:58:01.03 ID:moPkqfoU0

I accidentally ate lil’ sis while sleeping

89: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 19:08:03.86 ID:jLQzIO12i

If you see one little sister, there are probably 100 little sisters

92: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 19:10:28.84 ID:vlSDF9OU0

Lil’ sis “You guys are the roaches!!”

93: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 19:11:43.45 ID:3J1pMPq50

I sprayed insect killer all over lil’ sister

72: Anonymous: 2013/11/23(Sat) 18:53:41.92 ID:M1aYa+MHi

This is genius