Completed Gundam plastic model kit sold for over $9,100

Remember Yahoo! Auctions, the short-lived competitor to eBay? Yahoo is actually quite popular in Japan, and as a result it’s still in service. Here’s what sold for 926,001 yen ($9,139) just last week, a completed plastic model kit of 1/100 Master Grade ν Gundam Version Ka. Hint: click on “View full size” to see it in its full glory!

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Reactions on 2channel:

This is incredible

The description of the changes made me laugh w This guy is serious

Makes me sad to think it was built to be sold

Way too cheap. Bad effort/profit ratio…

Wow, this guy’s totally a pro. I wonder if he made any profit from this

It’s so perfect!

If I had $10,000 I’d buy it, and I’d want to receive it from the creator in person

First time I saw it, it was still going for $6k… Wow

It started at $1, amazing

It doesn’t look like 1/100, more like 1/20

It’s so detailed that I got a headache from staring at it

I don’t understand you otaku, this is so expensive

He said it took 10 months to make this, $10k is about right

Selling this for that price after 10 months of work, totally in the red. Go get a real job

At this level, it’s art! Not that I’m buying it

Bandai, hire this man!


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