Ultraman bloopers surfaces on YouTube, check it out before it’s gone forever (again)

It was revealed last month that a rare, never-before-seen Ultraman blooper reel was found last month. It’s finally on YouTube!

I sincerely tried to rip the video from NHK’s site, but I wasn’t as clever as others in doing so.

The footage is quite entertaining. Here’s what’s going on in each:

  • Ultraman is spinning a monster in the air, and he trips. He also accidentally grabbed one of the trees
  • A monster trips in the next scene, luckily he didn’t break any buildings necessary for later shots
  • A fake, evil Ultraman was supposed to break a building but failed to do so, but the technical crew triggered the smoke effect
  • Finally, a monster that touts that it is immune to fire in the show catches fire in real life, and the staff rush over to put it out

You can currently buy the entire series on DVD for under $10, I wholeheartedly recommend it! I bought my copy in 2010 (*´∀`*)

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