11% of Japanese women have had a “Christmas Boyfriend”, some dump them immediately after the holiday

Hey fellas, made a new girlfriend over the past couple weeks? Or feeling that the holidays doesn’t matter much to you as a single man? Good for you, but women have different plans for the magical day.

To make their wishes come true, some Japanese women opt to fabricate a “Christmas Boyfriend” so that they can spend Christmas — a day more famous for lovers, not family, in Japan — with the company of a man, no matter what.

According to a poll that included 425 women, many wanted to spend it with their significant other. 40% of women say that “Christmas is an event for lovers,” which makes you question what Japan is teaching about the holiday these days. While it’s a normal thought to want to be with your significant other for the holidays,  men will probably be surprised to find out that according to women, significant is interchangeable with temporary.

He has no idea.
He has no idea.

Results showed that 11% of women answered “I’ve made a boyfriend just for Christmas.” Average age of respondents were 28 years old, so it can be assumed that some got physical with their pseudo-boyfriends.

After it is all said and done, 11% of women say “I broke up with a boyfriend after Christmas.” It’s not known how many of these were “Christmas Boyfriends”, however. Christmas isn’t a cheap holiday for men with girlfriends, so it’s truly a lose-lose situation for Christmas Boyfriends.

However, love can blossom from anywhere, anytime. If a girl of your type starts making the moves near the holidays, be on your best behavior, be charming, and prepare your wallet. You might just make it to January and beyond.

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