5 phrases said by women that will destroy a man

This list was compiled for a Japanese audience, but it seems quite universal.

1. “You don’t have potential”

All men believe that there’s a bright future ahead of them. This is what drives them to persevere with the harsh realities of the present.

Which is why if you say “you have no potential/future prospects,” they’ll fixate on that depressing possibility…

2. “You’re boring”

If you say that he is boring with little to no context, he’ll start to wonder just what part of him made you say such a thing. He’ll start to fall in a negative spiral and will take some time to recover.

3. “You’re not very good (at sex)”

Confidence in the bedroom is the source of manliness. Take that away, and he’ll lose his identity.

4. “My friends said you were unattractive”

This is much more hurtful than you directly telling him that you’re unattractive.

When someone compliments you, it’s nicer to hear that from a third party than directly from the person (as it means that it was sincere, not just an empty compliment). This is true for negative comments as well.

5. “You’re clingy”

This is a phrase that women often hear men say about them, but it’s also effective on men.

Men dislike themselves being thought of as effeminate, so this phrase is sure to crush his masculine facade.

Please use this as a guide for phrases to avoid. With great power comes great responsibility!

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  1. for 1 2 4 you can say so are you thats why youre with me.
    3 duh i dont have your track record…assumin shes good otherwise dead fish dont talk or at least throw some pointers.
    5 just walk


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