One Last Chance before Xmas! 5 Last-Ditch Strategies to Make a Boyfriend

Are you sighing all the time, accepting that you’ll be alone for Christmas this year? Don’t give up just yet, you still have end of year celebrations to fall back on!

Even during the chaotic month of December, many want to share Christmas with a special someone, so these end of year parties are the perfect last opportunities for like-minded singles to meet.

Without further ado, here are the top five borderline desperate things that you can do to make a boyfriend!

1. Praise his work performance from at least 6 months ago

To bag a man, first raise him on a pedestal.

Praises like “you worked so hard on that project in May!” or “the reason why our research presentation went so well was because of you, I noticed your hard work” can be a way of recognizing his efforts in the past year, and just keep on laying on the compliments.

If at all possible, pick examples from at least half a year ago that seemingly no one would remember. This is sure to impress him!

2. Ask him for a sip

If he’s drinking an alcoholic drink other than beer, ask him: “Gimme a sip!”

Then reply, “it’s good!”, as if you’re praising a cocktail that he made for you. Then order the same drink, saying “I’d like to have what he’s having.”

Indirect kiss and sharing interests. Now you’re locked on!

3. Taking care and paying respects to the waiter

Many women are mindful and distribute food to be shared with the others, but it’s also important to collect empty plates and glasses so that the waiter can easily take them away.

Not only taking care of people she knows, but for those she doesn’t know. Men will notice this, and will look highly on the gesture.

4. Look after others

If a man that you’re not interested in gets a little sick from drinking too much, show concern and take care of him anyway.

That way the man that you’re after will think, “wait, she was by my side the whole time, I thought she liked me?” A little jealousy can go a long way.

5. Gently bite him

This is the ultimate strategy, and it’s super effective, and that is to gently “bite” him. Best places are either his hand, or if he has taken off his coat, his shoulder.

You have to pretend to be pretty drunk to pull this one off, but men will surely get his heart racing and shivering with delight.

If you do this, he’s pretty much yours! Beware that those around you will be super weirded out by this, so only try this if the only thing you want out of this party is him.

Those were the five last-ditch strategies to make a boyfriend this year, what do you think?

If you complete each of these tasks, perhaps he’ll be the one to make the move. Good bye, lonely Christmas!

Are men really this simple? I mean, If some girl came to me and started biting my shoulder…


Who am I kidding! That’d be awesome!


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