Stupitter: Idiot Tweets “Some guy was intimidating me by honking his car horn, so I stabbed him with a knife LOL”; Tracked Down and Arrested

A man living in Osaka, Japan was stabbed several times and suffered serious injury, and police have now in custody a 25 year-old unemployed male as a suspect. Approximately 15 minutes after the stabbing, a Twitter user with the same name as the suspect tweeted, “A guy honked his car horn and started to threaten me, so I stabbed him a few times with a knife,” which lead to his arrest.

During the investigation, the suspect confessed that “he honked his car horn at me and started to say intimidating things to me, so I decided to seriously fight and then stabbed him.” Eyewitness accounts have matched the suspect’s statements.

According to the report, the suspect was on his bicycle on 12/24, when he almost collided with a car. The suspect became irritated by the 31 year-old driver, and stabbed the man a total of three times with a knife, including his shoulder and armpit.

After the incident, the suspect tweeted, “it took a little while to get the knife out, but he looked terrified,” and included a URL to an article about the incident he caused.

The crazy suspect’s tweets.

Below is a translation of the suspect’s tweets, in chronological order:

“Some DQN (slang for dumbass) honked his horn at me, and the DQN rolled down his window and yelled at me, so I stabbed him a few times LOL. He was hard to reach since there was a window, and he got away, but there’s some blood on the knife LOL.”

“Everyone, don’t worry. I only target DQN and yakuza-type people.”

“Japan’s DQN try to scare you by yelling, or try to fight you verbally. Isn’t just killing them the shortcut? Isn’t that what the rest of the world does?”

“It took a little while to get my knife out, but his face looked terrified, just stared at me and waited for me to stab him LOL”

“I don’t have any food right now, so I wanted to steal from him. So hungry. Maybe I’ll do a dine and dash. But I have a guilty conscience.”

“Man Driving Car Stabbed by Man on Bicycle – Osaka. <URL to article> Uh oh”

A DQN calling another person a DQN… What a nut, be careful everyone!


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