Taiwan’s Super Cute McDonald’s Cashiers Will Serve You in Maid and Schoolgirl Cosplay

Previously, workers wearing the maid uniforms greeted customers by calling them “master” and using other maid-like phrases. But this time, while wearing the schoolgirl outfits, they very politely thanked each customer by calling them their mentor or senior as if the customer was an older student at the same school.

A day before the schoolgirl outfits were introduced, the workers showed up in flight attendant uniforms, according to local media coverage. This cosplay promotion seems to be this McDonald’s branch’s fun way of counting down the days until the New Year. Maids, schoolgirls, flight attendants…they seem to be hitting every otaku’s dream scenario. The Facebook page for McDonald’s Taiwan says that all stores in the country will be participating in the cosplay promotion on December 31, which should make some New Year’s eve guests very happy.

Hurry, the year’s almost over!


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