Taxi Driver Vows to Protect a Previously Targeted Convenience Store with His Katana, Gets Arrested

Kyoto, Japan: On 12/28 a 65 year-old taxi driver showed up to a convenience store that had been robbed a few days prior with an imitation katana sword, claiming that he’d be the store’s bodyguard. He was arrested for violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law.

According to police investigation, the man arrived at the Mukōkamiueno Family Mart convenience store at 5:50 AM, and stood at the entrance carrying an imitation katana sword (blade length 75 cm/29.5 in). The man was slightly intoxicated, and told the convenience store clerk “I am Japan’s best. I’ll protect this store from robbers.” The clerk called the police.

The same store suffered a robbery early morning on 12/23, with two men demanding money carrying knives, and fled the scene after taking 50,000 yen (~$475).

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What a great guy

I feel sorry for him that he got reported to fast w

He’s a good guy
The convenience store clerk is trash

I read the whole story, the place had a robbery
He’s a great man
He’s a samurai!
Don’t arrest him w

I thought he was going to rob the place, but he was the body guard! w

Why is Japan’s best a taxi driver?

No one would go in the store if a man was carrying a katana by the entrance

What a great guy! I don’t want anything to do with him though

Is Kyoto in the Edo Period right now or what?

Now this is new

He’s the definition of vigilante

It’s an imitation sword, what’s the problem?

Maybe he was planning to extort the store for protection fees

Perhaps there was a cute clerk there that he liked

The world is such a harsh place now, he would have been a hero in the old days

> The clerk called the police.

Feeling warm and fuzzy inside
I feel sorry for this guy

He was born in the wrong era.


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