Japanese women detail just why nice guys finish last

He’s a great guy that’s fun to be around, but for some reason he’s not popular with the ladies… Does that remind you of a friend? If you’re a guy, maybe you think that this sounds like you. For those who just can’t figure out why they’re so unpopular, here’s the Worst 3 Traits That Exclude a Guy from the Romantic Interest List.

1. He’s nice to everyone, so I don’t appreciate it even if he’s nice to me

  • Basically, he stops at “he’s a nice guy.” Nothing more, nothing less.
  • In the end, he leaves no lasting impression.
  • He’s eager to please anyone, so I don’t feel special at all.

2. He’s typically an assertive guy, but he suddenly becomes indecisive around women

  • He’s so assertive toward his clients at work, so it’s especially disappointing that he’s so passive when it comes to relationships…
  • We could both sense that we liked each other but he didn’t make a move, and during that time another man came onto me strong, so I ended up dating him instead…

3. He’s so enamoured in his own hobbies that he doesn’t take much interest in others

  • He likes his time alone, so I feel bad if I bother him.
  • I feel like he wouldn’t treat me that well if we were to date.

Reactions online:

Oh wow, this is so me
I’m crushed… I’ll just spend more time on dating sims

…I can’t be nice to everyone?
Lacking assertiveness, being obsessed with hobbies, those I’d be willing to fix. But I can’t stop being nice to people (-.-)

I bet this hits the spot for most guys

This is about guys that got removed from a girl’s list of romantic interests, meaning that they were at least in their list at one point. I get it.

Some guys don’t even get the chance to get disliked, they’re immediately placed in the “NO” pile. Sigh…


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