Man arrested for squirting mayonnaise at middle school girls

Hyogo Prefecture, Japan: A 25 year-old male office worker was arrested on 1/9 for squirting mayonnaise on middle school girls at a train station escalator. The suspect has  admitted to his crime, confessing “I definitely did it.”

According to the arrest records, the suspect was standing by an escalator at a train station on 10/31/2013. When a 15 year-old female private middle school student approached the escalator, the man squirted mayonnaise on her back.

The police noted that the student heard a strange “pop” near the escalator. When she turned to see what it was, the man was standing behind her. She noticed what had happened when she checked herself at the station’s restrooms.

Reactions online:

I feel sorry for the girl, and it’s a waste of mayo!!

I want him to apologize to her and mayonnaise. I’m worried that she might grow up to hate mayonnaise.

Someone had to watch video footage of this creepster doing this to gather evidence, I wonder how he felt…

He’s a new type of hentai

Sad thing is, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened

I wonder if he has done this to other girls, and this was just his first time getting caught…


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