Man Eats Monster Ramen Every Day for a Year: “I’m Ready for More!”

A brave soul in Japan has consumed yokozuna-sized bowls of ramen for an entire year, chronicling his every visit, and it seems that he has absolutely no regrets.

Just like in the previous years, I’ve summarized the Jiro Ramen meals I’ve had in 2013.

This year, the TOTAL JIRO was 387 bowls.

Maybe it’s the medicinal power of garlic, but I didn’t catch the flu or get sick in any way. I was able to enjoy my beloved Jiro every day. It was a really great year.

Here’s a list of the stores I went to the most.

No. 1 with 34 bowls
Nishidai Station Adjacent


No. 2 with 20 bowls
Hibarigaoka Station Adjacent


No. 3 with 18 bowls
Hachiouji Yaenmachi Road


Excluding the shops that were closed for extended times, I was able to visit every restaurant an average of six times each.

I’m going to eat like crazy in 2014 too!!!!!!!!!!

I love ramen! I eat a bowl every week, let’s see how many he ate…




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