Pervert arrested for attempting to steal panties: “I wanted to smell them, not steal them!” → Released from custody

Saga Prefecture, Japan: On 1/7, an unemployed 67 year-old man was arrested for attempting to steal women’s underwear from a private home, charged with attempted larceny. After six and a half hours in court, the district had no choice but to release him as the case lacked evidence.

According to the police, around 4:30 PM on 1/6, a man was caught reaching his hand into a home’s balcony on the first floor, where some women’s underwear was being hung out to dry. When a passing neighbor saw and approached him, the man fled the scene. The police arrived shortly after receiving a call about the man, who was caught returning to his car which was parked in the neighborhood.

The man confessed “I definitely had it in my hands, but I just wanted to smell it, not steal it,” denying the charges for attempted theft. The police urged the court to attest the man, but they could not prove the man’s true intent. The police were quoted saying, “we’ll gather better evidence and research laws more precisely to improve our efficiency.”



Wait, really? It’s that easy?


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