Wife Throws a Knife at Her Husband during a Heated Argument → Knife Strikes His Back and Dies, Arrested for Murder

A 40 year-old Osaka woman was arrested on 12/22 for throwing a knife and killing her husband.

She denies any intent or premeditation, claiming “I did throw the knife but I didn’t mean to kill him, I just wanted to frighten him.”

According to the announcement, the perpetrator was working on 12/22 1:10 PM at her part-time job at a izakaya (a type of pub with tapas-style foods). Her husband (45) came in with his male friend, but she got in a verbal argument with her husband. When he left the establishment she chased after him, and she threw a knife at him that she grabbed from the kitchen. The knife struck the middle of his left shoulder, and was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead 30 minutes after arrival.

No matter how important it seems at the time, don’t lose your cool! It can cost you your life, and sometimes other’s lives, too…


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