1: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:53:10.49 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Me “Just the two of you?”

Her “Yup”

Me “I see”

Her “Yup”

Me “Just two of you, huh…”

Her “What? Is something wrong with that?”

Me “Nothing really”

Her “Say something if you have a problem”

Me “You’re not conscious about having a boyfriend, are you?”

Her “Huh?”

7: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:55:28.20 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Me “Going to dinner alone with another guy, you can’t blame me for thinking you might be cheating on me”

Her “I mean, it’s nothing like that though”

Me “That’s not the problem”

Her “Then what kind of problem is it?”

Me “Don’t you think that I might start doubting you?”

Her “So you don’t trust me, even if we’re dating”

Me “Honestly, I don’t trust you”

Her “Oh, is that so! Whatever! I’m going to sleep!!”

Me “I see”

9: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:55:45.32 ID: PlDlqov90

I want to smack her

15: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:57:09.66 ID: 6lAYLuNe0

Grandma said that cheaters are the ones that spot cheaters

17: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:57:18.79 ID: 3CFppl3v0

I have a girlfriend and I go out with other girls with full intention of cheating, but I never get that far

19: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:57:48.81 ID: sJbbNVgP0

―Next Day

Me “…” Using my smartphone

Her “What are you doing?”

Me “Chatting with a girl from work”

Her “Huh?”

Me “What?”

Her “I mean, I don’t get it. Are you cheating on me?”

Me “There’s nothing between us, just making plans to get drinks with her some time”

Her “You’re going to get drinks!?”

Me “Yup”

Her “…What the hell, I don’t understand what’s going on”

Me “Which part?”

20: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:58:04.22 ID: EY7QRKFh0

It’s better to be upfront and honest

28: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:59:10.90 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Her “I don’t understand!! You have me, why are you doing this!?”

Me “I mean, you went to get drinks with another guy”

Her “Yeah, but that was nothing”

Me “Same here”

Her “But how do I know?”

Me “I don’t know if you’re cheating on me either”

Her “What the hell… Whatever, do what you want!!”

Me “Where are you going?”

Her “Convenience store!!!!”

43: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:02:37.00 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Her “I’m home”

Me “OK”

Her “Here!!”

Me “What?”

Her “Ice cream!!”

Me “And?”

Her “Let’s eat it!!!”

Me “Sure”

Her “OK”

Me “So”

Her “Mhmm”

Me “There really was nothing?”

Her “Mhmm”

Me “I see”

Her “I’m sorry”

46: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:03:24.04 ID: K8HZD6Pt0

Here it comes!!! ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!!

49: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:04:59.40 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Me “About what? That you cheated on me?”

Her “I really didn’t!! Why would I have to do that???”

Me “Because you’re not satisfied with me”

Her “I am!!!”

Me “Then stop going out alone with guys”

Her “But…”

Me “You can’t huh, then this conversation is over. I’m going to forever doubt you, that you might be cheating on me”

Her “…”

Me “You should just be honest with me”

Her “… I did”

Me “Cheat?”

Her “… Yes”

59: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:07:01.44 ID: zeQemoxdP


51: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:05:07.29 ID: gbtg97Ef0

what the f*ck

54: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:06:09.66 ID: PlDlqov90

I can’t believe this b*tch

55: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:06:14.62 ID: zQuAjKrz0

So she was cheating

62: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:07:28.09 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Me “See, you’re just that kind of person. And how far did you go with him?”

Her “… All the way”

Me “OK, got it. I’m leaving this room now”

Her “What?”

Me “You should live with that guy instead”

Her “No, wait, you’re misunderstanding!!”

Me “There’s no misunderstanding!!”

Her “!!”

Me “Bye”

Her “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!!”


Her “Wait! It’s not like that!! Really!!”

66: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:08:15.24 ID: COHaK4J/0

THE TOO LATE… That’s so cool

68: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:08:41.50 ID: n/wtta5M0

“THE TOO LATE”…. I laughed so hard

70: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:08:58.58 ID: XSUsjNbz0

THE TOO LATE is too funny

87: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:11:38.72 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Her “Please! Please wait!!”

Me “Can’t”

Her “Why?? Why?? No!! Please stop!!!!”

Me “Rent’s cheap, you can afford it”

Her “I don’t care about that!!”

Me “Seriously, I can’t do this”

Her “Why!? It was only one time! It won’t happen again!!”

Me “That one time changed my trust for you down to zero”

Her “That’s…”

Me “OK. Then I’ll just cheat on you once then”

Her “What!? No!! No way!!”

Me “Huh?”

Her “Seriously, NO! Definitely NO!!!”

Me “You’re seriously hopeless”

111: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:15:17.70 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Me “Do you know why I wanted us to move in together?”

Her “Because you wanted for us to be together…”

Me “Right, and because I was considering marriage, since I have a stable job now that pays well, I was thinking that everything would work out”

Her “Wait, ma… Marriage…!?”

Me “Yup”

Her “You, you’ll marry me?”

Me “Are you stupid? I won’t marry a woman that cheated on me”

Her “I’ll work hard on the household chores!!”

Me “Alright, I’ll read the rest on the phone. However, please do not call me, no matter what. Good bye” *open and closes door*

158: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:19:51.13 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Then I went to the bank to withdraw some money to rent an apartment, and I’m back to living the single life wwwwwwwwwwww

The ex-girlfriend now messages me three times a week wanting to reconcile

197: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 09:23:52.91 ID: MTOf4h9/O

Holy crap… This is awful