37 Year-Old Housewife: “Every Japanese Citizen Should Receive a Nobel Peace Prize!”

A 37 year-old housewife hailing from Kanagawa prefecture in Japan has started an online petition asking for signatures to grant every Japanese citizen a Nobel Peace Prize. The reason? That the Japanese have remained peaceful without war for nearly 70 years.

The online petition currently has over 20,000 signatures.

Years ago she visited Australia as an exchange student, and recalls that her friends talked of how the country was plagued by civil wars. She realized how important article 9 of the Japanese Constitution was, which outlawed war as a means to settle international disputes involving the state, enacted in 1947 following World War II.

At first she attempted to nominate article 9 of the constitution nominated, but the rules mandate that nominees must be a person or a group. In response, she changed her nomination entry to “the citizens of Japan.”

Nominations closed on February 1, and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing headlines that the country of Japan has been nominated for the Peace Prize. However, the organizer has stated that she will continue her efforts until the country receives what she believes it deserves.

Reactions Online:

This is madness

So creepy

I really don’t need an award

Stop embarrassing us

Nobel prizes are just Western propaganda, don’t want it

You can’t just ask for it and get awarded

Even Switzerland hasn’t received one, what the hell is she saying?

Wow, that’s some modern youth thinking. We’ll be the laughingstock of the world

Please, you’re making me blush, stop

Article 9 only works because we’re shielded by America.  How can we get a peace prize when we’re only in peace because we’re assisted by others?

If article 9 is so great, share it with China and Korea!

We do have a self-defense force, you know

I mean, even Obama got a peace prize for having the most missiles in the world while intervening with Syria

Wow, she has no shame. Is she really Japanese?

Just stop, this is so creepy


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