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★ Ideal Height of a Man “176-180cm 37.4%”

High height, high salary, and high education, also known as the “three highs” has been regarded as the ultimate combination in Japanese society. However, many women now say that average is the best, so let’s see if this new way of thinking correlates with height. We asked 736 people just what they think.

Q. What’s your ideal height for a man? (Choose one)

1st  176-180cm (5’77” to 5’9″) 37.4%

2nd  171-175cm (5’6″ to 5’74”) 29.4%

3rd 181-185cm (5’94” to 6′) 17.9%

4th 166-170cm (5’44” to 5’57”) 7.3%

5th 186-190cm (6’1″ to 6’2″) 2.7%

■ 176-180cm

・”I’m lacking in height, but I think 180cm and higher look the best” (34, male / IT)

・”My ideal is to have to look up to him when he’s talking” (30, female / programmer)

・”A little on the tall side, but I think it doesn’t stand out too much, so it’s just right” (29, female / finance)

■ Bonus: do men look up to taller men?

・186-190cm “I need at least this much for a fair fight with those around the world” (34, male / education)

・190-195cm “Taller men overseas are around this area” (50, male / IT)

・Over 201cm “I’ve read anecdotes that Confucious was 209cm tall” (37, male / construction)

The most popular opinion was a man that approached 180cm. It seems that women want to be able to look up to men a little, and for men it’s the preferred height to dress fashionably. Men are getting taller as the years pass, so it’s possible that the ideal height may keep growing.

Poll duration :2013/12/24-2014/1/6

Eligible votes 282 male, 454 female (login required)

Research by MyNavi Woman


5: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:35:49.46 ID:LU8iMoZf0

Then most idols in Japan are no good

8: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:36:58.31 ID:zaTC6kIF0

Oh man, that means a 178cm guy like me is a winner!Personally, I wish I was 2cm taller…

9: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:37:07.73 ID:EPWexMRG0

I’m 1cm short

13: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:38:00.56 ID:nfx/ctyyO

Are you making fun of hyde?

14: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:38:06.64 ID:ii9FoLgQP

I’m 165cm, kill me

22: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:39:00.14 ID:g+fLCnT30

Actually, there are a lot of women out there that are scared of tall guys

27: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:39:45.62 ID:28h33XBfO

My husband is 188cm tall.His size don’t go on sale, it’s hard to be thrifty.

33: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:40:59.64 ID:9ElIU9xd0

> Over 201cm “I’ve read anecdotes that Confucious was 209cm tall” (37, male / construction)What the hell www

36: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:41:35.24 ID:ORBtJXkF0

Own height + 10cm is the bestWearing high heels and being about the same height is just right

38: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:41:40.67 ID:+eENAkUV0

> 2nd 171-175cm 29.4%The difference between 171 and 175 is huge

53: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:43:30.78 ID:fqruD2bP0

I like 174cm-178cm

57: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:44:26.00 ID:HHykEAx60

Normal shops only sell up to 2L (XL).

180cm is 3L, 185cm is 4L. Gain some weight and you’re 5L.

63: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:45:11.16 ID:yHiXM/b30

The average height in Japan is 171cm or something, right?That means in reality, around half are under 170cm

83: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:47:38.90 ID:qLQcrclF0

I win at life if we’re only talking about height.

84: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:47:40.01 ID:dMY7lOLq0

Being short has its inconveniencesBeing too tall has its problems too

87: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:48:13.04 ID:0xLgJxJB0

My feet go beyond the sheets of the bed and it gets cold at night, if only I was 5cm shorter

91: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:49:25.72 ID:oQx3lwvH0

Shorties in the low 160s have absolutely no demand

99: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:50:41.98 ID:IXFdQ5j50

Most women are around 160cmSo 170cm or so is no problem!

100: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:50:45.34 ID:DCIrXfFF0

I’m 154cm tallI’m not even in the ranking www

104: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:51:15.56 ID:Sm/WMfeO0

I agree

107: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:51:47.42 ID:fwNa6cWi0

Oh, it’s just height. Scared the hell out of me.

113: Anonymous: 2014/02/11(Tue) 17:52:15.47 ID:kKZ1VcPD0

> ・186-190cm “I need at least this much for a fair fight with those around the world” (34, male / education)

Who the hell are you fighting