Man Arrested for Killing His Girlfriend: “I Promised to Marry Another Women, so I Wanted to End the Relationship”

Gunma Prefecture, Tatebayashi City, Japan: A 30 year-old part-time worker was found dead at her apartment, so on 2/2 her 29 year-old office worker boyfriend was arrested on suspicions of murder. When questioned, he confessed that “I had already promised to marry another  women, so I wanted to end my relationship with her (the victim).”

The arrest was made on 1/28, and the cause of death was stabbing of the abdomen with a knife. The body was found in the victim’s apartment by her mother; the door was unlocked, the body was facing up, and lying in the bed.

It’s scary to think that this guy seemed normal enough to get married…

Ladies, are you sure he’s not crazy?

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