“Be a Man!” “Men don’t cry…” Top Concerns by Japanese Men regarding Gender Equality

If a male superior told his female subordinate that she was being unfeminine, there would be dire consequences, most likely immediately fired. Everyone recognizes the past mistakes of society that let male chauvinism go on for far too long.

However, perfect gender equality seems complicated and difficult.  While it’s obvious that women have things to say about this issue, many men also feel passionately that women are prioritized, leading to resentment and general discontent. Below are some of the top concerns by men today.

Honestly, I’m a Little Jealous

  • Many local pubs have “Girl’s Night Out” plans with discounted drinks and food (23, medical student)
  • When playing indoor soccer, everyone is easy on the female player. Don’t even need a goalie (34, office worker)
  • All you can eat, all you can drink… Women have better deals and they cost less (36, office worker)
  • There’s “Lady’s Night”, but I’ve never heard of “Gentlemen’s Night” (41, office worker)

How Women Cleverly Use Gender to Get an Upper Hand

  • Women are gaining privileges left and right, but at the same time they still say “I’m not a man, women can’t do this and that,” and it’s accepted (22, college student)
  • Some women are hired based on looks alone (24, medical student)
  • I hear about gender equality all the time, and I’ve heard women say “you’re a man so you’re expected to do this and that.” I hate women like that (27, medical student)
  • It’s OK to say “but you’re a man,” but it’s taboo to say “but you’re a woman” (24, medical student)
  • Men are scolded when they show any weakness, but women are expected to be weak and frail (31, office worker)
  • Any physical labor is pushed to the guys, and if the guy can’t do it, he’s looked down upon (25, office worker)
  • I’m asked often, “you’re a man, do it for me” (34, office worker)
  • I can’t shake the feeling that some women are taking advantage of their “minority status” (25, medical student)
  • Masculine women can be called “tomboyish” and can be appealing to many, but the opposite is not acceptable (21, college student)

Sexual Harassment

  • If a man is arrested on suspicion of sexual harassment, even if he’s innocent, he will most likely still be charged (22, college student)
  • A man that’s ever accused of perversion against a woman, he will have to go through hell to prove his innocence (23, office worker)
  • If a woman is accused of sexual harassment, she is let off relatively easily and with less consequence (48, office worker)
  • The existence of women-only train cars. To prevent perverts, the solution is to fix the rush hour madness, not segregation (35, office worker)

At Work

  • There was a company that was clearly looking for women to hire (24, medical student)
  • Male workers that interface with customers are not received well (21, college student)
  • A no-life NEET woman are called “domestic helpers” (24, college student)

Women Are Forgiven Easily?

  • If a women messes up (like at work,) it’s forgotten over some laughs (22, college student)
  • A young woman crying will gain sympathy, but if a man cries he’ll be scolded even more (37, office worker)

Only Women, Only Men

  • A lot of commercials make it seem like only men have body odor (27, office worker)
  • House-husbands/stay-at-home dads are not treated with respect (21, college student)

Japanese men might find comfort in knowing that this is a global issue, that it’s not unique to the island nation (awful consolation prize for sure, but there’s strength in numbers):

And here are issues that girls and women go through every day. We sure have  a lot of problems!


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  1. Female hypocrisy has been around since the dawn of man. There’s a reason every successful society had men in power. Look at Rome when it began to fall….what was happening? Women were gaining power, welfare was rampant and “liberal-progressive” ideology was at it’s peak. Sound familiar?


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